why are we doing this

Up to 85% of textiles produced each year ends in landfills - that's equal to one truckful being dumped and burned every second. The overproduction of clothing is inexcusable. We have enough clothing on earth for the next 6 generations, and so we are trying to use what we already have - and encourage you to do the same.

Rest assured, the textiles used in this collection are not 'trash' - rather they possess flaws that are unrepairable, making them next to impossible to re-sell. For example, a shrunken sweater is actually just boiled wool - and while this doesn't work as a sweater anymore, the fabric left over is still a versatile textile. Denim excess cut off from making jeans into shorts are just textile scraps, but we have found ways to re-use even that into something new.

more about our mission
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our team

We have teamed up with fashion design program students at TMU to create this collection.

Amanda Shaw (left) - second year student at TMU

Allison Pan (right) - fourth year student at TMU